Non-invasive Equity Investment

Merchant & Investment
Banking Advocate
Financial Consultant
  1. Bank Advocate
    Bank Advocate
    Cynergyn is a Banking Consultant and Bank Advocate. Knowlegable and backed by financing alternatives, Cynergyn provides real power in the negotiation between a small business and their commercial banking partners. Knowing the you are not alone can provide much comfort and solace to a small business person when working with bank lending officers and representatives
  2. Merchant Bank
    Merchant Bank
    Working Capital is the life blood of a small business and having access to timely capital resources is the hallmark of a well financed and successful business. Cynergyn provides access to alternative sources of Equity Financing and alternative Working Capital Financing resources through Non-invasive Equity investment, innovative short term loans and transaction financing A specialist in Mezzezine Financing, Cynergyn Resources Capital works with the small business person to maintain the financial health of the firm and finance operations and growth
  3. Financial Consultant
    Financial Consultant
    Affordable, not low cost information, training and adjustments to a firms infrastructure and practice, together with strategic infusion of equity capital, improving the financial health of a firm is only the stating point. Cynergyn is behind the scenes financial partner and advocate A financial partner and strategic banking advocate with substantial financial resources and experience able to draw upon long standing successful partners who are long term players in the financial markets
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