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CYNERGYN Resource Capital is a Merchant Investment Bank serving Small Business in the Canadian market. Advancing a Positive Banking philosophy, Cynergyn offers consultancy in the areas of Banking Advocacy, finance and business education and training.
Cynergyn does not compete with commercial banking or Credit Union institutions but seeks to enhance the relationship a small business has with its banking partners.
Key information about Cynergyn Resource Capital Corp: 
  • Cynergyn is a banking advocant , financial consultant, merchant and investment bank
  • Cynergyn is the only small business merchant and investment bank in Canada and it new to the Canadian economy. We are focused on earning the interest, repect and a honourable but significant role in Canada's Small Business sector.
  • Based upon a European Private Banking business model, Cynergyn is planning to develop our place as a banking advocate for small business persons.
  • Although we are new, we do have partners and sponsors with significant presence in the financial industry in Canada and Europe,
  • Our development model calls for forging a national presence in Canada and plan to do so by partnering with small business independent business people nationally.
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